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Your first Jellyfish project as a copy editor
Your first Jellyfish project as a copy editor
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Congratulations on joining the J+ Community as a copy editor. You can now complete project applications to start editing content for our commerce clients.

Please read this carefully before you start work on your first project with Jellyfish.

How do I become a copy editor with Jellyfish?

In order to become a copy editor in the J+ Community (if you haven’t already), you'll need to complete our editor proficiency task for your language. To do this, go to your J+ Community account, click Profile, then Disciplines & skills. Add 'Copy editor' to your disciplines and you'll see the option to 'Complete screening' for this role.

Copy editor candidates from some markets will also be required to complete ‘core skills’ training – we'll let you know if this is the case.

If you have questions about the role or the application process, please contact [email protected].

Copy editor responsibilities

  • Edit pieces to a publishable standard. This means they are free from errors and meet every requirement of the content brief

  • For any projects you join, attend the webinar on the client’s content brief and complete training consisting of 1:1 feedback given by the Content Quality Lead or Content Manager via J+ Scribe

  • Use the information provided on J+ Scribe to edit pieces in line with the content brief

  • Provide copywriters with constructive feedback when asking for amendments.

  • Meet all deadlines outlined in the project schedule

  • Complete amendments requested at quality assurance (by a Content Quality Lead or Content Manager) by the deadline specified in the schedule. Quality assurance is the final check before the content is sent to the client

Finding project information: the project hub

A project hub is a resource that the Project Manager will share with you when you're invited to join a project team. The project hub will typically contain the following:

  • Resources - including the content brief, training webinar and general community information

  • Team info - project contacts, their responsibilities and team availability

  • Schedule - production timelines and expected volumes of work ahead

  • Style guide and glossary - source of truth for any linguistic questions on the brief

  • Query sheet - log assignment queries here

  • FAQs - quick answers to Jellyfish’s most frequently asked questions

Please be sure to bookmark the project hub in your browser so that you can find and access it easily. See Using the project hub and your schedule for more information.

The process for copy editing with Jellyfish

Get all the information you need to start work

  • You'll be provided with a content brief detailing the client’s requirements. There may also be extra resources, such as glossaries and style guides, to help you edit to the client’s specifications

  • You'll be provided with a schedule for the project. Please fill out your availability as soon as possible to notify the Project Manager of any holidays or absences

  • The Project Manager will allocate tasks to you to edit on our production platform, J+ Scribe. You'll receive an email letting you know when you have received new work. Learn more about receiving your J+ Scribe allocation

  • J+ Scribe will display key product information for each task, this should be used in conjunction with the content brief to edit the content

Reviewing and sending feedback

  • You should review the content, in line with the information provided and the content brief, and decide if it is up to ‘subbing standard’ (ie ready for editing). If it is not up to subbing standard, you can request amendments from the copywriter. Find out more about giving feedback and requesting amends

  • When you request amendments, the content will go back to the copywriter on J+ Scribe. They will complete the amendments and send the content back to you. You can request two rounds of amends on a piece of content if necessary

  • If a copywriter or translator’s work consistently requires extensive amendments and they are not improving with feedback, please notify your Content Quality Lead or Content Manager as soon as possible

Making edits and submitting to quality assurance

  • After amendments are complete, you will edit the content to a publishable standard. This means the piece should be grammatically perfect, should adhere to the content brief and should be factually accurate

  • After editing, you will either submit the content straight to the client or to quality assurance

  • If your project has a quality assurance layer, you may receive amendments on any element of your pieces that is not up to a publishable standard. You should make any amendments from quality assurance yourself rather than passing them on to copywriters. This is because by submitting to quality assurance, you have accepted responsibility for the piece and confirmed you feel it is ready to be published


The project manager will share a schedule with you via the project hub, which will include the following deadlines:

  • Start - when the editing period begins

  • Submit - your deadline for submitting to quality assurance. This is the deadline displayed on J+ Scribe.

  • Amends due - your deadline for re-submitting after making any amendments requested by quality assurance

Important: Please also take note of the copywriter’s amends due deadline. This is the copywriter’s deadline for submitting amendments back to you for final edits before you submit to quality assurance.

Receiving payment

For projects using the J+ Scribe payment process, the rate for the task is added to your J+ Scribe payments record when the Content Quality Lead approves the final version of your work. The payment is then sent to you in line with the J+ Scribe payment process.

For projects using the J+ Community payment process, the rate for the task is added to your Payments on J+ Community 1 day after being submitted to the client review stage on J+ Scribe / J+ Community. You must then request your payment in line with the J+ Community payment process.

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