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Understanding the project hub and your schedule
Understanding the project hub and your schedule
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A project hub is a project-specific resource that the Project Manager will share with you when you are onboarded to a project team.

The project hub will contain the following information:

Welcome page

Provides an overview of the contents of the project hub.


Typically, this tab contains the following:

  • Project brief(s)

  • Recordings of any webinars or briefing calls

  • Training resources

  • Useful links and any client specific details

  • Key Helpdesk articles

Team info

Each team member enters their upcoming holidays, time zone and any dates that they are unavailable.


On every project, the Project Manager will share a schedule with you to communicate the following:

  • When you can expect your assignments to be allocated

  • The submission deadline for your assignments, the deadline for receiving feedback/requests for amendments and the deadline to resubmit your assignments

Understanding the schedule

  • Check the schedule and expected volumes of work per batch for:

    • Deadlines and volumes of work: Each stage of the workflow is given a start time and a deadline and your allocated work must be completed within this time frame

    • Amendments: Occasionally, amends might be requested outside of this time frame - if you won’t be available after your submission deadline please tell your PM as soon as possible

    • Communication: Let the Project Manager know if you are unable to complete any scheduled assignments– failure to communicate with the project team may result in us removing you from the project

    • When this will be shared: The Project Manager will share production schedules ahead of each allocation* You will have time to review timelines and mark whether you are available to accept work or not.
      *Schedules are subject to change so these may be updated at short notice

Other tabs

These tabs may or may not be included depending on project requirements:

Availability tracker: Your Project Manager will inform you if this is in your project hub and you will be required to update with your upcoming availability. This could be daily or weekly depending on the frequency of production.

Query sheet: This is used to raise content- and production-related queries. If you haven’t received a response within the agreed time frame for query management on the project, please reach out to the Project Manager or Content Manager via Slack.

Please bookmark the project hub in your browser so that you can find and access it easily.

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