How does Jellyfish build a project team?
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When we receive a new brief from a commerce client, we begin putting together a dedicated team of copywriters, translators and copy editors to work on the project from start to finish.

Copywriters and translators

When a new opportunity comes up, we will email the details to the relevant members of the J+ Community, filtering by language, role (copywriter/copy editor/translator) and sometimes specialism. The email will contain information about the client and a link to view the full job description.

If you’re interested in working on the project, please read the job description carefully, complete the application task, and submit it by the stated deadline. Please note that applications submitted after the deadline may not be marked. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible to let you know whether you’ve been selected for the project.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we’re unfortunately unable to provide in-depth individual feedback.

Copy editors

After training, we expect that our copy editors will be able to work across almost all briefs, subjects and content types. Because of that, we select copy editors for projects based on specialism and availability.

We’ll contact you when a new project is available to check whether you’re interested, including key information such as the content type, volume and regularity of work, project timeline and the rate.

For more difficult or specialist briefs, we may invite copy editors to complete a short application task before joining the project.

In some cases, and for Content Quality Lead roles, we may arrange a short online interview.

Application guidelines

All work opportunities with Jellyfish are optional. You're not expected to apply for any job if it's not in line with your previous experience, or you deem the rate to be below what you would usually expect.

You shouldn't apply for a job if you do not intend to complete your application. These places are limited and by clicking ‘Apply’ you are taking an application spot and committing to submitting your completed task or experience form (where applicable).

Learn more in our article, Why are applications at capacity?

Communication as a team

Every team working on a project for a commerce client consists of a Project Manager and a Content Manager from Jellyfish, and a combination of freelance copywriters / translators and copy editors from the J+ Community. There may also be a freelance Content Quality Lead appointed to assist the internal team.

These teams work together to deliver content that wows our clients, and to do that, we rely on each other to stay in regular contact via Slack. This might be as simple as saying hello to your team in the morning, sharing a tip you’ve picked up to solve a common problem, or responding to a question from a teammate.

If, during a project, you foresee any problems with meeting your deadlines or your circumstances change, please inform your Project Manager as early as possible so that they can begin making other plans. It’s important to raise red flags quickly so that the team can be prepared and stick to the delivery schedule for the project.

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