An introduction to Jellyfish
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Jellyfish is a new kind of marketing performance company for the platform world, where success demands a creative, multi-platform mindset.

Our One Jellyfish approach helps brands thrive by navigating, connecting, and harnessing the platforms that drive growth.

Working within a unique, global operating system and culture, designed for agile collaboration, we give brands a Platform to Perform.

The J+ Community is made up of talented copywriters, copy editors, linguists, SEO Consultants, designers and other content specialists. As an approved member, you’ll work with us to deliver bespoke performance content solutions to our clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Google, M&S, eBay, Louis Vuitton and many more!


How can I apply to join the J+ Community?

Join the J+ Community at

During the application process you'll be asked to complete a short application form where you can fill in your contact details, your first language and dialect, and other important information including your discipline(s), eg copywriter, translator, SEO Consultant.

Copywriter, translator and copy editor applicants are required to take a multiple choice language proficiency task. For example, if you select 'copywriter' and 'copy editor' in your application form, you'll need to complete the copywriter proficiency task and the copy editor proficiency task.

Please note, copy editor applicants must complete an additional editing skills task. All editing skills tasks are reviewed by native language specialists.

We'll invite you to join the J+ Community in any discipline(s) where you have passed the screening process outlined above. Once you're an approved community member, we'll email you as soon as a project comes up that requires content creators in your language, discipline and specialism, eg a French copywriter with luxury fashion experience.

You'll have a personal, private account on J+ Community. This can only be seen by you and the in-house Jellyfish team.

How can I apply to join project teams?

As mentioned above, we'll email you as soon as a project comes up that requires talent in your language, discipline and specialism. If you're a copywriter or translator, we'll ask you to complete a short project application task against the client's brief. If your application if successful, we'll invite you to join the project team, and will then train you until you're 100% proficient and confident on the brief.

Copy editors aren't usually required to complete a project application task. Instead, we'll ask you to complete a short experience form to share details of your relevant experience.

Is the J+ Community just for native English speakers?

No, we work with copywriters, translators and copy editors from around the world to create local language content for our clients. We welcome applications from all corners of the globe!

Can I write for you in a secondary language?

Unfortunately not. We only work with content creators in their first language and dialect, as we think this makes for the best results.

Can I add disciplines to my J+ Community account?

Yes, please contact [email protected] and let us know the discipline(s) that you'd like to add. We'll direct you to where you can access the proficiency task for your language and desired discipline.

What are your rates?

Rates vary with each project, depending on the nature of the role, the level of complexity of the brief, whether the brief requires specific niche expertise, and the amount of research needed to produce the content. As such, we don’t have a standard per piece or per word rate, but provide tailored rates for each commerce content project.

When will you contact me to work on a project?

We’ll email you if a client project arises that requires content creators in your language, discipline and expertise. As this is dependent on our current roster of projects, and we process a high volume of applications, waiting times may vary – please bear with us.

Please note that, in accordance with our Terms of Use, being an approved member of the J+ Community does not mean that you are guaranteed work with us.

How do I complete project work with Jellyfish?

The majority of commerce content work that you do with us will be completed on J+ Scribe, our content production platform. You'll only be invited to get set up on J+ Scribe when you join your first project.

What are the benefits of joining the J+ Community?

  • Work flexibly from anywhere in the world

  • Be matched with projects that fit your experience, expertise and interests

  • Get detailed, constructive feedback on any project work you complete

  • Receive valuable ongoing training to develop your skills

  • Stick to your specialism or work across multiple disciplines (for example, start as a copywriter; progress to a copy editor)

  • Enjoy fantastic progression opportunities and the option to take on lead project roles

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