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Finding and understanding your application task feedback
Finding and understanding your application task feedback
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How are application task results calculated?

For commerce content projects, we look for evidence of each of the following skills:

Tone of voice

If the content reflects the brand's personality as described in the brief (ie chatty, sophisticated, authoritative etc) and it speaks to the right audience.

Attention to detail

How far the content is free of errors such as typos, spelling and grammar mistakes and stylistic inconsistencies.


If the content is genuinely insightful with good features and benefits highlighted, well-connecting ideas and no filler.

Grammar, logic & syntax

If the content demonstrates a good grasp of objective grammatical principles, it makes complete sense and the sentences are well constructed.

Adherence to brief

If the rules in the brief, such as content structure, word count and SEO principles, have been successfully followed.

You'll receive a score of 0-4 (with 4 being the highest) on each of the five skills listed above. Your overall score will be the sum total of these skill scores.

A successful application is one in which the candidate scores 15/20 or above. Anyone who scores 15 or higher will be invited to join the project team or added to the reserve list. Please see What’s a Reserve List? for more information.

Application tasks are reviewed anonymously and we select teams on the basis of task scores. This means priority will be given to applicants with higher scores until the team is full. Any remaining candidates whose applications are successful will be added to the reserve list and contacted if a position becomes available at a later date.

Where possible, you’ll also receive written feedback from the reviewer. Please note, due to the volume of project applications we receive per project, we cannot provide more in-depth feedback to individuals.

As always, we really appreciate you taking the time to complete project application tasks and we aim to provide as much feedback as possible to help you develop your skill set for commerce content.

Where is my feedback?

You can find feedback for any project application tasks you complete, and more details on the status of your application in the ‘Tasks’ section of your J+ Community account. Click ‘Submitted’ and you'll see a list of your recent project applications.

Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your feedback but you will be notified as soon as your application has been reviewed. There is no need to contact the team during this time to request an update.

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