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Do I have to complete project application tasks?
Do I have to complete project application tasks?
Updated over a week ago

Copywriters and Translators

Yes. If we think your copywriting or translation skills might be a good fit for a particular project, we'll ask you to complete a project application task against the client’s brief. If you’re successful, you'll be shortlisted.

We’ll then invite selected applicants to join the project team, and will train you up until you’re 100% proficient and confident on the brief.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to start working with us on a written content project unless you successfully pass the project application task.

Copy editors

Once you pass editor screening, we expect that copy editors will be able to work across almost all ecommerce briefs, subjects and content types. You won't be asked to complete application tasks for the majority of copy editing jobs with Jellyfish, unless it's a particularly specialist brief.

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