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When you're applying for a job on J+ Community, please thoroughly read the job description. It outlines the approximate amount of time that you will need to be available to complete work if you are selected to join the project team.

If you require more information on production timelines and required availability before applying to a project, please email [email protected].

We understand that, as self-employed content creators, your availability may change from time to time and you may no longer be able to complete the work you had committed to.

Below is a reminder of what you must do when this happens:

Before assignment allocation

Simply mark yourself as unavailable in the project hub. See Understanding the project hub and your schedule for more information.

When assignments are allocated

Reject the assignment in J+ Scribe and notify the Project Manager via Slack as soon as possible. Please also ensure your availability is updated on the project hub for any future batches.

After accepting an assignment

If your circumstances change after you've accepted a task, please request to cancel the assignment on J+ Scribe. Please note that this should only be done in exceptional circumstances and requests must be made as soon as possible in order to avoid delays to delivery.

The Project Manager will view and respond to your request on J+ Scribe and, if possible, they will reassign your work to another team member.

After starting work on an assignment

If you are unable to complete an assignment after starting work on it, please notify your Project Manager as soon as possible. They will discuss options with you which may include extending the deadline or reassigning the work to another content creator and paying you for the portion you completed.

Please note that failure to notify us of changes in your availability can cause significant risks to our delivery timelines meaning we cannot deliver the agreed volumes by the client's deadline.

In some cases we will deem it necessary to remove from the community anyone who does not flag changes in their availability and ignores communications from the internal team.

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