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What is a Content Quality Lead and what is the role really like?
What is a Content Quality Lead and what is the role really like?
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What is a Content Quality Lead?

The Content Quality Lead is responsible for leading and supporting the freelance team in producing commerce content for a particular account and for maintaining high quality content (99% quality score).

What does a Content Quality Lead do day to day?

  • Quality assurance

  • Amends content upon client request and records client feedback

  • Updates team on changes to the brief and areas to focus on

  • Trains new team members

  • Updates the brief and project resources

  • Reports on team performance to Content Manager

Why become a Content Quality Lead?

  • Have much more influence on a project – you’ll work closely with the Content Manager to shape the brief and build a strong team.

  • Gain leadership experience – You’ll be working closely with your team day to day, leading them and supporting them throughout production.

  • Oversee a project from end to end – From training new team members and updating the brief right through to delivering high quality content to our clients.

  • Gain experience working with major brands – You’ll get to know the brand and their requirements in much more detail and in some cases you’ll be in direct contact with our clients.

What are the requirements for this role?

  • Experience working as an copy editor

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • A keen eye for detail

  • Problem solving skills

It’s important to note that working as a Content Quality Lead on a project is not a full-time role. There are no set hours so Content Quality Leads can create a day to day schedule that works for them. The time required of a Quality Lead depends on the size of the team and the volume of content required, these factors also determine the rates for Quality Lead positions.

But what’s it really like to work a Content Quality Lead?

We asked some of our current Content Quality Leads to let us know their thoughts on what being a Content Quality Lead is really like:

‘Working as a Content Quality Lead with Jellyfish has taken my freelance career to the next level... On some projects, you may even get to flex your creative muscles and come up with ideas for entire pieces. Overall, it's a great way to take the next step as an editor and learn from a variety of collaborative and management opportunities.’

- Lauren Sharkey, en-UK Content Quality Lead

‘As a Content Quality Lead, I am more involved in meeting what the client needs, rather than just editing an article or piece of writing. I align what my team has produced with what the client wants to make sure we deliver an outstanding finished piece of work, and I take pride in that connection as a liaison between the creative team and the client.’

- Jeanine Gordon, en-CA Content Quality Lead

‘Working as a Content Quality Lead [for Jellyfish] has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my freelance career. The assignments I’ve gotten to work on would have been enough to make the work worthwhile; however, it is the genuinely kind and professional people [at Jellyfish] that have made it truly special. They have allowed me to work with enough leeway to feel influential while simultaneously going out of their way to provide support when needed, along with tools to hone the skills required to be a successful editor and team player.’

- Emil Rasmussen, SE Content Quality Lead

‘By developing tone of voice principles and seeking out the target audience, you learn how to focus on the most important influence when writing copy again: the reader. You work on texts of other creators and ultimately decide what good and bad looks like in this context. The work as a Content Quality Lead has thus improved my own writing and editing skills.

- Patrick Harens, DE Content Quality Lead

‘Working as a Content Quality Lead [for Jellyfish] has been a new and interesting experience that’s involved me in content production at a larger scale...Communication with other stakeholders during projects is very streamlined and doesn’t require a lot of back and forth, making this type of work ideal for those looking for extra income and to experience being part of bigger projects and a larger process.’

- Andrew Cuthbert, en-ZA Content Quality Lead

‘It’s always a great feeling to see a piece through from start to finish. We have great writers and editors who turn raw ideas into finished content. Over my years as a Content Quality Lead, I’ve been able to build relationships with Jellyfish's community and see how their skills grow with time and experience. I really enjoy helping our freelancers navigate brand-specific requirements to produce more effective content with every batch.’

- Katherine Rucker, en-US Content Quality Lead

'When I first started as a Content Quality Lead, I found it challenging to adjust to the new requirements. However, I worked closely with the Content Manager, who supported me and gave good advice to help me with the role...The role has really allowed me to develop my problem solving skills and I’m now able to help out the writing and editing team with their questions, always helping them to find the best solution...I work as an editor on some accounts and a Content Quality Lead on others and, while I find the attention to detail required is similar in both roles, there is a real difference in responsibility. In the Content Quality Lead role it is especially important for me to get excellent results as well as helping the team do the best job they can – and I find both the management and QA sides of the role enjoyable.'

- Cristina Mazzucchelli, IT Content Quality Lead

'[Jellyfish] was one of my first collaborations, when I first started out as freelancer. I was onboarded as Editor, but was soon offered the role as Content Quality Lead. I accepted the offer not knowing that much about [Jellyfish] and the general processes yet, but it proved the best decision. The role of Content Quality Lead is a way for me to combine my love for the editorial work with conversations about what makes a great story with talented colleagues from various backgrounds. I get to work with amazing, global brands while helping others improve their writing and storytelling skills. I can set the tone for team comms and make sure everyone on the team has a good experience. It’s responsibility and fun combined and a great opportunity to learn more about projects from under the hood.'

- Hannah Bergqvist, DK Content Quality Lead

Drop in sessions

You can view the recording of our latest Content Quality Lead Opportunities Drop in session here.

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