What is creator grading?
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Creator grading applies to work completed on J+ Scribe only.


What will I be graded on?

All copywriters, translators, visual content specialists and other content creation specialists will be graded on two components across every project:

  1. Content quality

  2. Reliability


As a member of the J+ Community, you already know that we have high standards for the quality of the work you do. While we already track the quality of our teams, this is now happening in a more streamlined way using J+ Scribe.

Your quality grade is made up of two things:

  1. Objective quality – whether there are any typos or factual inaccuracies

  2. Brief-specific quality – how well the work meets the rules and tone of voice in the brief

These two aspects of quality across all of your commerce content projects with Jellyfish will make up your aggregate quality grade.


Deadlines are important to your work with Jellyfish and to our clients, and we need to know we can rely on everyone in our community to hit their deadlines and respond to work when it’s assigned.

J+ Scribe will soon begin measuring whether you are engaged with work you are assigned and how you perform against deadlines and turning that information into the second part of your grade, which measures reliability.

To ensure you get strong reliability grades, you should

  • continue to respond to work assigned and accept or reject it within a reasonable timeframe

  • meet the submission deadlines on all work you accept

  • return any requested amends promptly

As long as you’re doing these, you’ll be getting great marks for reliability. If you start missing a lot of assignments or deadlines without letting us know why, your grade will be impacted and we’ll reach out to see if the work you are being given is a good fit for your availability and skills.

How can I see my grade?

Your aggregate Quality and Reliability grades across all of your recent commerce content work will be displayed on your J+ Scribe profile. Rest assured, this is only visible to you and the in-house team.

Who grades my work?


When you submit work on J+ Scribe, it always moves to someone else to review – for example, if you are a copywriter, your work moves to a copy editor, or if you are a copy editor it would move to your project’s Quality Lead or one of Jellyfish’s in-house Content Managers. They review your work in terms of its objective quality – such as factual accuracy and whether there are any typos in your work – and whether or not it meets the brief for the project you are working on. They can then either request amends on your work, make final corrections themselves, or submit to the next stage as normal.

When they submit all of your work in a batch to the next stage they will be given a quick prompt to provide feedback on the objective quality and the brief-specific quality of your work.

This grade is then built into your aggregated quality grade. This will be continually updated and when your quality improves, your grade will improve too, as your most recent work is always the most important to us and it’s important that improvements can be seen. When your grade shows that you are struggling with a particular project or meeting Jellyfish’s quality standards, we’ll reach out with some extra training resources to get your grade back to where it should be.


Every time work is assigned to you, it comes with a deadline for submission in line with the project schedule, and J+ Scribe tracks when your work is completed and moved between you and others team members.

All the factors of your reliability grade – including how many of your deadlines you meet, whether you accept or reject work and how promptly you respond to new work – are automatically measured by J+ Scribe. Your grade for reliability will be generated based on this information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected]

What does my grade mean?

Each quarter, we review all creator grades. It allows us to recognise reliable creators who have been producing consistently high-quality content and check who might need some extra support from us to improve their grade.

Your aggregate grade is consistently high (4-5)

As a reliable content creator who consistently delivers excellent content, we want to reward you. We're excited to share more information about this with you soon! Stay tuned.

Your aggregate grade is somewhere in the middle (3-3.9)

We’ll invite you to take the relevant Jellyfish training modules, or a refresh of the brief for any project you might be struggling with. Making use of the training materials in our Creator Academy is an excellent way to improve or learn new content creation skills.

Your aggregate grade is low and hasn’t improved (1-2.9)

Unfortunately, if your grade is low and hasn’t improved, we’ll have to remove you from the J+ Community. We need to ensure that we’re offering consistent high-quality content to all of our clients and to achieve this, all creators in the community must have the correct skill sets for our clients’ project needs.

We appreciate that people can grow their skills and explore new specialisms over time, so if you are removed for quality reasons but you would like to rejoin the J+ Community at a later date, please email [email protected] and we'll advise on next steps.

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