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How to improve your grade on J+ Scribe
How to improve your grade on J+ Scribe
Updated over a week ago

Copywriters, translators, copy editors, visual content specialists and anyone else who produces work on J+ Scribe will be graded.

Learn more about grading in our article, What is creator grading?

Why is my grade lower than I’d like?

Here are some common stumbling blocks that can lower your grade:

Brief-specific quality

  • Speaking to the wrong audience or using the wrong tone of voice

  • Structuring your content differently to what’s outlined in the brief

  • Not sticking to the SEO guidelines (ie missing keywords)

  • Deviating from specific rules in the brief (ie dos and don’ts or research guidelines)

  • Missing info from the J+ Scribe briefing fields

Objective quality

  • Filler, repetition, long sentences or wordy phrases

  • Clunky flow with syntax or readability issues

  • Factual inaccuracies

  • Typos or grammatical errors

  • Content isn’t useful or insightful

What can I do?

Your grade covers both brief-specific and objective quality. If it has dipped recently or if you’d like to boost it, we recommend following these steps for each area:

Brief-specific quality

  1. Read the content brief again carefully, making notes on the finer details

  2. Rewatch the training webinar and refer to your original training notes. What feedback did you receive during training? Are you still implementing it in your work?

  3. Make notes of feedback you receive from the copy editor/Content Quality Lead during production that cites the brief. Are there areas you’re not sure about? Ask the Content Quality Lead or Content Manager to explain these for you.

  4. Remember that our content briefs are live documents and we make small changes based on client feedback. Look out for alerts from the Content Quality Lead or Content Manager about brief updates and rewatch any follow-up webinars we’ve held since the initial training batch.

  5. You might also like to read our general resources below, and think how they apply to the specific content brief you’re working with:

Objective quality

Check out our helpful resources to brush up on some key content creation skills:

Like everyone, you’ll have certain content creation areas that trip you up more than others. For example, you might regularly muddle certain punctuation rules or find you are prone to passive voice. We recommend you keep these weaker spots front of mind as you work on your content. A couple of handy tricks to do this:

  1. Write them on a memo note to keep on your desk as a constant reminder

  2. Create yourself a personal checklist to run through before you submit each piece

Over time, you’ll find these skills become second nature as you commit them to muscle memory. You can then move on to focus on strengthening other areas. Owning your own development is the best way to boost your grade. It will also give you that extra edge as a translator, copywriter or copy editor at Jellyfish and beyond.

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