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Grading your teams: Copy editors
Grading your teams: Copy editors
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All copywriters, translators and copy editors will be graded on the editorial quality of their work. The quality grade is assigned by the next person to review work. This means copy editors will grade copywriters/translators and Content Quality Leads will grade copy editors. The quality grade is made up of the following two components:

  1. Objective quality – whether there are any typos or factual inaccuracies

  2. Brief-specific quality – how well the work meets the rules and tone of voice in the brief

As a copy editor, you will be responsible for grading copywriters/translators at the editing stage using the below criteria. It’s vital that all copy editors adhere to this grading criteria closely to allow us to collect an accurate picture of copywriter/translator performance. We are trusting you to be fair and impartial when grading.

Objective quality

5 – content is well-researched, structured and clear, requiring minor cosmetic changes only
4 – content is mostly well-researched, structured and clear but may require larger changes
3 – content features objective errors and some elements require rewriting
2 – content features multiple objective errors and large parts require rewriting
1 – content requires rewriting from scratch to address objective errors

Brief-specific quality

5 – content is completely on-brief
4 – content features minor brief-specific issues such as incorrect word choice or use of SEO
3 – content features larger brief-specific issues such as topic and tone of voice
2 – content does not meet the brief
1 – content requires rewriting from scratch to meet the brief

Once grading is live, you will be prompted to provide these grades via a pop-up on J+ Scribe.

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