Creator Spotlight: Meet Grazia
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I'm currently in...

Italy, near Bergamo, with my two black cats, Baku and Kitsune. I am currently living in my hometown, where I grow up, in Northern Italy. I had to go very far away to really appreciate it, especially the two rivers that run through it. Here, Leonardo da Vinci lived for a few years, teaching painting to one of his pupil, and he made a lot of drawings and studies on our water canals, the famous Navigli.

In the past I lived in South Korea, near Daegu, where I followed my husband who was a sculptor and a university professor. It became my second home, actually, I can’t wait to go back, relive memories, and visit my friends and the places I fell in love with! If you go there, please visit the historic capital, Gyeongju, and try the delicious pajeon, a sort of pancake (I prefer the one with scallion because I am vegetarian).

In my spare time you will find me...

reading! I am an avid reader and I have a thing for American writers, especially Raymond Carver and Richard Yates. I also love Irish literature and poetry. Furthermore, I am a cinephile and my favourite directors are Wong Kar-wai, Park Chan-wook, and Koreeda Hirokazu but if I could take only a movie with me on a desert Island I guess it will be “Amour” by Michael Haneke.

When the weather is fine, I also love hiking in the Orobie trails that are very close to my home. I recommend visiting the lovely Val Taleggio which is not too crowded. And the food is to die for, especially taleggio cheese.

You can also find me in a gallery or museum, looking for new contemporary exhibitions. One of my favourite place to go is Venice Art Biennale, every two years. I have to see all the pavilions and discover new artists. But most of the time you will find in my garden, taking care of my plants and flowers.

I'm passionate about...

writing! I really enjoy working as a freelancer and I am happy to say that I am doing a job that I really like. Working with languages is a dream come true, even if I would love to take some time for me to focus on my writing skills and attend more professional courses.

My dream brief would be...

something really green and future-oriented. I am very versatile and I love exploring new brands and markets: I have been doing this for more than ten years! But I would like to receive a brief that speaks to someone like me, who cares about the world we are leaving to future generations. Or maybe I would love to work on anything related to books, art, and culture in general.

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