Creator Spotlight: Meet Stine-Mari
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Name: Stine-Mari Hovind
Market: Norway
Role: Language Lead and Content Quality Lead


I'm currently in...

Trondheim, a beautiful city in the middle of Norway. I have lived here for close to seven years now after moving here to study, and I just never had the heart to leave! While I am looking at re-locating to the UK this summer for work, I will definitely miss the cosy, small-town atmosphere Trondheim offers (despite being Norway’s fourth biggest city), the melodic chimes of the great cathedral in the city centre, and the feeling of never-ending days in the summer when the sun never sets. If you ever plan a visit to Norway, I highly recommend a visit!

In my spare time you will find me...

doing a little bit of everything. I am an avid surfer and skater (with no promise of being good at either), and I can’t wait until summer when I can break out my boards and my bright pink roller-skates! I am also an active dancer, but in general I love everything that will keep me moving and get me out of the house – especially travel!

I'm passionate about...

It might sound a bit cliché, but people! I have been a people-person all my life, and I love the energy and inspiration I get from meeting new and creative individuals. I am very grateful that working with Jellyfish allows me to work and interact with so many talented people from all over the world – and of course I always appreciate going out for a nice meal or a glass of wine in the name of networking.

My dream brief would be...

anything to do with travel or surfing! I have been so lucky to do a lot of work within the travel and tourism field, and it is one area I simply cannot get enough of. Other briefs I would love to keep working on would be anything to do with an active lifestyle: I feel like I do my best work when I can draw inspiration from my own passion and experience.

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