Creator Spotlight: Meet Kai
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Name: Kai Pham
Market: Vietnam
Role: Content Quality Lead


I'm currently in...

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, always bustling with creative energy intertwined with multiple layers of history and tradition. The city never fails to provide a sense of freedom, as you can just wander anywhere with a motorbike. To the economists, Ho Chi Minh is a business and cultural hub, but to me, it’s a place where I call home, my “big office,” my own sanctuary.

In my spare time you will find me...

Reading and watching movies and video essays. One item in my bucket list involves publishing a book (or two) about the localisation and translation profession for Vietnamese readers, so I always try to find time to seek more writing experience through the work of other authors. I also enjoy watching movies and video essays because they are a form of visual reading that is not only entertaining, but very enriching as well. And if there's Vietnamese subtitles available for the video content, then it's a bonus.

I'm passionate about...

Localisation and writing. I love the feeling when I manage to come up with a piece of natural, out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-source) target copy. Such occasions are akin to when you successfully demonstrate your “linguistic superpower.” And in addition, the language industry in my country is still not very well-known or understood, so I always want to share my passion with others, so that the profession and the professionals gradually get the recognition they deserve.

My dream brief would be...

Educational and Mental Health content. I’m passionate about doing my part to help my community to be more aware of the importance of mental health, so I hope to have a chance to expand my horizons in this domain. I make it my mission to help my colleagues and others be happy and calm as much as possible, and to promote a positive workplace environment for us localisers and editors.

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