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Who has copyright of the content I create?
Updated over a week ago

The majority of work produced by our content creator community will be white-labelled. This means that, in line with our Content Creation Terms, you hand over copyright to us and we give it to the client.

It also means you usually won’t get a by-line. On rare occasions, some of our clients will want to give content creators a by-line – we’ll let you know if this is the case.

White-labelling also means that you won’t be able to share which clients you are working for on social media. You're welcome to cite the projects you have worked on in your CV, portfolio or LinkedIn (see Can I reference Jellyfish in my CV and on LinkedIn?) provided that you state you have worked for those clients through Jellyfish.

Please note, there are some brands whom you will not be allowed to cite, however, this will be communicated to you at the project application stage.

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