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Welcome to the Creator Academy
Welcome to the Creator Academy
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As a member of the J+ Community you could be invited to work with us to produce world-class multi-language commerce content at speed and scale for our global roster of industry-leading clients.

In the Creator Academy, you have access to exclusive training materials relevant to your discipline to help set you up for success during your time in the community.

We've always been invested in supporting you to develop your content creation skills on an ongoing basis. It's why we run creator training sessions and why we introduced creator grading. If your grade ever dips or isn't improving, these articles will help you to grow your skills – whether that's before, during or between work on Jellyfish projects.

To see the training materials for your discipline, please first make sure you're logged in on the Jellyfish Creator Helpdesk. Our section on how to use the Jellyfish Creator Helpdesk explains how to get set up.

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