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Jellyfish standards for commerce content
Jellyfish standards for commerce content
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Our standards outline the basic level of quality we expect from every piece of content a copywriter, translator or copy editor submits. Slips in these areas can dent client confidence, so it’s crucial that we get these key elements right every time.

  1. All spellings should be accurate

  2. Punctuation should be used correctly, and not overused

  3. Each piece of work that Jellyfish produces must be in line with the project's style guide

  4. Every word, clause, sentence, paragraph and piece should follow a logical course, and should signpost to the reader where the argument or story is going

  5. Each word should convey the intended meaning in both denotation and connotation, unless for humorous reasons, although the copy must still make sense

  6. All assertions, assumptions and suggestions must be true and appropriate, and verified by reliable, timely sources: never Wikipedia

  7. We shouldn’t send work to clients that doesn’t meet the specifications of the brief

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