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Can I reference Jellyfish in my CV and on LinkedIn?
Can I reference Jellyfish in my CV and on LinkedIn?
Updated over a week ago

What can I say in my CV and on my LinkedIn profile?

We’re more than happy for you to include Jellyfish in your CV, LinkedIn profile or other online profiles, but you must state clearly that you work with Jellyfish in a freelance capacity. To do this on LinkedIn, add or edit your position, click Employment Type and select Freelance from the drop-down menu.

Similarly, you’re welcome to include the names of brands whose projects you have worked on. However, you must make it clear that this was via Jellyfish, as explained in the 'Publicity' clause (16) of Jellyfish's standard Content Creation Terms.

For example, you cannot say that you have worked as a copy editor for Tommy Hilfiger. Instead, say that you have worked as a freelance copy editor with Jellyfish for brands including Tommy Hilfiger.

Can I have a reference from Jellyfish?

Due to the volume of content creators in the community, we do not have the resources to give out in-depth individual references or testimonials.

However, we can provide approximate dates of work directly to your prospective employer in a short reference letter. They, or you, can get in touch with us to request this information by emailing [email protected]

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