Getting paid through Payoneer
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Please note that this payment method currently only applies to work completed on projects using the J+ Scribe payment process, not projects using the J+ Community payment process.

What are the benefits of Payoneer?

From your Payoneer account you can:

Transfer funds from Payoneer to your bank account

  • Fast – Access your funds in 1-3 business days

  • Local – Receive funds in your local currency

  • Low-cost – The more you earn the less you pay – up to 2%

  • Supported – Real time email notifications when your funds arrive

Spend funds online and in stores with the Payoneer prepaid MasterCard®

  • Global – Use everywhere MasterCard® is accepted

  • Practical – Withdraw cash, shop online and spend in stores whenever you need

  • Safe – Avoid overdraft fees by sending only what is available

  • Cost-efficient – Avoid international conversion fees with cards in multiple currencies


What are the benefits of using Payoneer as a payment method with Jellyfish?

  • You'll still be paid by us on the 15th of the month

  • You won't need to pay any fees for receiving your money, only the conversion rate as is currently the case anyway. Payoneer cap this at 2% unlike other platforms which can sometimes charge a higher percentage

How can I get set up as a Jellyfish payee on Payoneer?

Email [email protected] with the subject line, 'Payoneer sign up request' and the Jellyfish Operations team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I withdraw funds from my Payoneer account?

You can easily withdraw funds to your local bank account or to your prepaid card.

How can I contact Payoneer Support?

If you're experiencing an issue or you have a question about your Payoneer account, it's best to contact them directly via this customer support link.

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