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What is Memsource?

Memsource is a CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool that includes translation memory. It has lots of great features and provides a professional environment for translators and copy editors to work in.

Before starting, please note that the interface is available in several languages, feel free to change it to your first language (Configuration > language).

Log in details

If you're asked to work with Memsource on a Jellyfish project, we will provide you with a Memsource account (if you don’t already have one with us). You will receive an email that contains your username and a link to generate a password. Use these credentials to log into your Linguist account from
Please let the Project Manager know if you experience any issues accessing the platform.

Training guides

Please follow the links and read the guides to learn how to use Memsource. Please use the Memsource Editor for the web (not desktop).

Lesson 2: Translating in the Memsource Editors (desktop editor does not apply)

Please read these additional Memsource editor feature guides:

Active/inactive accounts

  • We have a limited number of accounts that can be active at the same time. This is why your account may appear inactive sometimes when trying to log in

  • If you get this message, please contact your Project Manager so that he/she can set your account to 'active'

  • Your account will automatically be set to inactive after completing a job

How to accept a new assigned job

  1. You will be notified by email when a new job is available for you to start

  2. Please note that this is a no-reply automated email

  3. Click on the link to sign into your account and accept the job from your jobs page

  4. Select the job and click 'Accept' (read lesson 1 for more about jobs page)

  5. A job is only ready to work on if it has been completed in the previous step of the workflow

How to submit a job

  1. Translate or edit all segments.

  2. Run QA Check (QA, bottom right corner then RUN job QA, top right).

  3. Make sure each segment is Confirmed (with the green tick).

  4. Click complete top right to submit to next stage in the workflow.

  5. You will be automatically signed out of your account if you have no active jobs.

Rejecting a job for amends

  • Memsource Reject a Job guide (please read)

  • Editors have the reject job feature enabled on their accounts

  • A job can be sent back to the previous workflow step like this:

    • Using the comment feature on the segments that need reworking to leave amends requests and feedback

    • Returning to the jobs board, selecting the job and pressing reject

    • The job will be returned to the translation step and the owner will be notified

    • Editorial comments can be viewed and resolved by clicking on the blue comment bubbles next to the segments.

    • The Content Quality Lead will receive a notification when the job is sent back to the QA step

Useful links

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