Adding disciplines to your account
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We know that some J+ Community members work across multiple disciplines, but that this is not always reflected in your J+ Community account or in the opportunities you're contacted about. For example, you may be registered in the community as a copywriter but you might also be an experienced copy editor, translator or even graphic designer. If a discipline is missing from your account and you would like to hear from us about all relevant opportunities, please refer to the 'How to add a discipline to your account' section below.

Other disciplines

For commerce content projects with Jellyfish, a typical project team is made up of talented freelance copywriters, translators and copy editors.

As Jellyfish broadens its offering to more commerce brands, we have an increasing number of exciting opportunities for creators with skills beyond these traditional disciplines. The following are some of the other disciplines that we hire:

  • Visual content creators (eg graphic designer)

  • UX designer

  • SEO Consultant

Please note that translators and translator editors can add all the languages that they are adept in so long as the language that they translate to is their first language.

How to add a discipline to your account

If you would like to add another discipline or language pairing to your J+ Community account, please email [email protected].

We will then contact you and ask you to complete a short screening task. If successful, this new additional discipline will be added to your J+ Community account and you'll be able to apply to join project teams in this discipline.

Please note that if you add a discipline to your J+ Community account, it will not be approved until you have let us know so that we can complete the screening process and approve the discipline.

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