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The J+ Community is a network of people from all around the world working together to create excellent content for our clients.

Slack is the main communication space that we use on projects. It's designed to optimise communication between project teams and the in-house Content Manager and Project Manager.

We want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in this space, and these guidelines are designed to do just that.

1. Treat everyone with respect

The strength of the J+ Community is in its diversity. Your peers are from all around the world, with everyone drawing on their different backgrounds and experiences, bringing unique perspectives and fresh ideas to the group.

It’s important to treat everyone here with the respect they deserve, and to think the best of people. When reading and responding to Slack posts from other J+ Community members or members of staff, consider how their perspective may differ from yours and why that might be. Bear in mind that there may be a language barrier between you, which can affect how a message is perceived.

When posting, think about how the content of the message might affect other members of the group. Nobody intends to make others feel uncomfortable, but sometimes this can be a side effect of even the most well-meaning posts. Just a small tweak to wording can make a world of difference to how a message is perceived.

Resolving issues

When working on any project with us, you should always report any ongoing concerns/issues to the Project Manager on the project via email in a timely manner.

Our Slack workspace is not a forum for community members to openly discuss views on rates or share feedback that is intended for the Jellyfish team. There's a couple of reasons for this; it can distract from the projects themselves and there's a risk of important feedback being missed. This is why email is a better and safer way to communicate on such matters.

You can either email your Project Manager or Content Manager directly, or message the Jellyfish Operations team via [email protected]. We welcome all feedback and reply to all emails received.

2. Use the most appropriate Slack channel for your message

We have specific channels dedicated to other query types, and these are the best places to post for a response.

  • If you have questions or ideas about a project, please post them in the group set up especially for that project. If you don’t have access to one of these, please send a Direct Message (DM) to the Project Manager and they’ll invite you or set one up

  • Any questions or feedback relating to job applications, payments, technical issues or other J+ Community processes should always be emailed to [email protected]. You can also contact the team using the widget in the lower right hand corner on J+ Community

Team communication

Interaction and participation in any project webinars and video calls is essential so that the project team can get to know you. We appreciate that sometimes you will have a very busy schedule but you are still expected to engage in calls from time to time, as you would with your other clients.

3. Let us know if have feedback

We couldn't do what we do without our community of hugely talented content creators, and we want to hear your thoughts on our processes. If you have any feedback, or ideas about how we could improve the ways we work together, please let us know!

If it's related to a specific project you're working on, the Project Manager (PM) is the best person to speak to.

For everything else, please email [email protected] – we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Deleting posts

Very occasionally, the in-house team might deem it necessary to delete one of your posts on Slack. We’ll always get in touch personally to let you know that this has happened and why, and to continue the discussion elsewhere.

We will, from time to time, remove posts that:

  • are misleading or confusing. If incorrect information has been given, we may remove the post and update the channel with the right details to minimise the risk of any confusion

  • are not in the correct channel. Should this happen, we’ll indicate that the conversation has been moved to another channel or forum, be it the project group or email

  • contribute to a negative or hostile environment. If a post has the potential to make others feel uncomfortable, whether intentionally or accidentally, we will remove it to maintain a safe and enjoyable space. Sadly, tone doesn’t always come across as expected in a text-based forum (one of the limitations of content!), and we do appreciate that not all posts of this type are intentional. We will always reach out to discuss this with you if your post is removed for this reason

  • are for the purpose of recruitment. We don’t allow posts recruiting individuals for non-Jellyfish work in our communication channels, and we will remove any we see

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