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Working language

The working language at Jellyfish is English, so all briefs, communication and feedback will be sent in English.

However, we’ll only ever expect you to write or edit content in your first language and dialect. If you're working on a translation project, your Content Quality Lead is likely to also give you feedback in your first language.


If you're bilingual, you must select the language in which you are more proficient. To ensure content excellence, we only work with content creators whose first language and dialect match the language and dialect of the project they are contracted to work in. It is therefore imperative that you select your first language - otherwise we could risk breaching contractual agreements with our clients.

For example, if a content creator has Cambodian parents but has grown up and gone to school in Sweden, their written Swedish will likely be much stronger than their written Cambodian. As such, we would only assign this person Swedish work. However, there may be translation opportunities (see Fluent vs primary).

Fluent vs primary

If you are fluent in another language which isn't your first language, we wouldn’t ask you to create content in that language. However, it’s useful information for us to have, as sometimes we’ll ask content creators to translate content from their fluent language into their first language.

Let us know if you have any queries about your language information by clicking 'Contact Us' at the top of the page. You can also email us [email protected]

Please note, if you are working with Jellyfish in a role that is not language-based, eg UX design, you may select your first language or another language is which you have full professional or bilingual proficiency.

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