Being an SEO Consultant
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Search engine optimisation (SEO) has the unique ability to support the customer’s experience at every stage of their journey - growing brand awareness and preference, while increasing product consideration, driving transactional intent, and building long-term advocacy among key audience segments.

Jellyfish specialises in optimising the most influential dimensions of our clients' SEO strategies, making their brands more discoverable through organic search, across the world's major search engines such as Google, Bing and Baidu.

As a SEO Consultant in our community, you may be asked to collaborate with us in optimising these strategies.

When will I expect my first SEO project?

This varies depending on client demand. Jellyfish is currently resourcing multilingual SEOs so we can promote our ability to provide SEO services in new markets. Having you in our community will allow us to reduce the lead times to start should our client show an interest in SEO in a new market.

How long does a typical project last?

This varies on the SEO engagement. Typically, you will be required during the client onboarding phase where we build our SEO strategy to inform the ongoing activity. This generally lasts between 2-3 months and consists of around 30-50 hours work.

If there is an ongoing demand for localised SEO activity, the engagement will last for a further 3-6 months for around 15-23 hours per month.

What is the typical scope of an SEO project?

  • Keyword research

  • Keyword categorisation

  • Keyword localisation

  • SEO Content analysis/auditing

  • SEO Content recommendations

  • SEO Content briefs

  • Internal catch ups with the internal Jellyfish SEO lead

What level of content recommendations will I be expected to provide?

You should be able to provide specific recommendations for page titles, meta descriptions and H1 headings.

Beyond that, you should be able to brief content recommendations to a copywriter or the client’s in-house team. You will not be expected to create long-form content as we know this is best created by a copywriter.

What level of technical SEO knowledge is required?

A deep level of technical SEO knowledge is not required as the technical SEO work is typically managed at a global level and best practices are rolled out to regional websites.

Is offsite link building experience required?

No, this will not be a requirement for the projects we run.

What type of brands will I work on?

Most of the brands we work with are global and span a range of verticals:

  • Commerce

  • Technology

  • FMCG

  • Beauty

  • Fashion

We cannot provide specific details of the brands you will be working with at this stage, however, we will provide you with further information as soon as we have a new opportunity for a SEO Consultant in your market.

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